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Terms and Conditions

All new clients

Are required to complete a confidential consultation form prior to treatment. New clients will be emailed 12 hours before there appointment to confirm there appointments.

The Business

Therapeutic Massage Northwich offers a range of Massage treatments (including Pregnancy Massage) Therapeutic Massage Northwich supplies its own therapy equipment. The therapist with Therapeutic Massage Northwich is qualified and insured to provide the services offered. Copies of qualifications can be provided on request.


Booking can be taken by phone, email or via Therapeutic Massage Northwich web site.

Gift Vouchers

Normal cancellation policy applies to Gift Vouchers, Clients may re-arrange Gift Voucher massage providing more than 24 hours is given.

Client Information

All personal information held by Therapeutic Massage Northwich is treated as private and confidential. It is used solely by Therapeutic Massage Northwich and will not be disclosed to other parties.

Extent of Liability

Clients are required to complete a signed Consultation Form prior to treatment. Therapeutic Massage Northwich can therefore not be held liable/responsible for reactions, contra-indications or injury via treatment once consent has been given. Aftercare advice leaflet will be provided prior to each treatment or discussed during massage.


Therapist reserve the right to refuse or terminate treatment to any client deemed to be behaving inappropriately or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Therapist require a quiet room and a smoke free environment to carry out treatments or when working away from their normal place of work.

The client must understand that any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances made by the client will result in immediate termination of the session. And also understand that the License Massage Therapist reserves the right to refuse or terminate the massage session to anyone whom she considers to have a condition for which massage is contraindicated.



UK Northwich.


A date of choice, subject to availability.

Participant Guidelines

Min age of 16, Prior to booking, must advise if you are or were recently pregnant or have any medical conditions/allergies, as this can preclude your suitability for massage and determines oil used.


The experience lasts for a minimum an hour (often longer, depending on the type of massage you choose), including your consultation. You'll be so relaxed afterwards that you may want to rest for a short while.

Dress Code

you will be wrapped in towels during your massage.

Other Info

There is a health consultation prior to the massage and you may be asked to divulge personal information. If you are receiving treatment for a illness we recommend that you consult your GP prior to treatment.

Please shower at home before your massage.


Thank you,

Therapeutic Massage Northwich

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